Daniels City Centre Condos | Daniels Corporation: Mississauga’s Hottest Builder
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Daniels Corporation: Mississauga’s Hottest Builder


The Daniels Corporation builds with a passion for creating vibrant communities in every sense of the word. Daniels looks beyond the bricks and mortar,  including social, cultural and economic infrastructures that will create a unique sense of place.

This commitment has been an integral part of Daniels’ corporate philosophy for over 30 years. Daniels has built more than 25000 award-winning homes and apartments, master-planned mixed-use communities, and commercial and retail spaces, and has earned its standing as one of Canada’s largest and preeminent builder/developers. Company founder John H.

Daniels Completed Development in Mississauga City Centre are Limelight Towers, One Park Condos,Capital North & South Towers and Chicago Condos.


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Project Location: 278 Price of Wales St, Mississauga

Address: 49 Jackes Avenue, Suite 200, Toronto, ON M4T 1E2, Canada